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High School Diploma / May 24, 2018

I graduated from Crossings Christian School in Oklahoma City. I was ranked second in my class and had a 4.48 weighted GPA.

Undergraduate / August 20, 2018 - Present

I am currently studying Professional Writing at the undergraduate level with a minor in General Business at the University of Oklahoma. I am set to graduate in May 2021.




University of Oklahoma BCM

Campus Minister / July 2021—May 2022

Tasked with mentoring girls, managing donor relations, and handling ministry's social media.

Haystack Coffee

Barista / September 2019—May 2022

Tasked with serving customers and crafting the best cup of coffee.

Team Leader / September 2020—May 2022

Tasked with managing a team of baristas and communicating the company's larger vision. Tasked with handling customer concerns and aiding with overall customer care.

Social Media Manager / May 2020—May 2022

Tasked with writing blogs and making website edits. Additionally, as a social media strategist, tasked with contributing ideas and creating content for social media. Here is a link to the site.

Redeemer Stories Admin

June 2020—May 2022

As the lead storyteller, tasked with interacting with and interviewing church members with the goal of telling Gospel-centered stories. Tasked with coaching individuals on how to tell their story. Tasked with managing a team of five individuals. Additionally tasked with writing copy for website and social media posts.

OU HR, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Marketing and Communications Assistant / March 11, 2019—September 2019

Tasked with creating content and managing the Sooners at Work Facebook page. Tasked with writing emails for HR to communicate with OU staff and faculty. Additionally, tasked with completing various graphic design assignments.

Self-Employed Photographer


Tasked with managing clients and scheduling sessions. Tasked with making sessions fun and comfortable for clients. Additionally, tasked with editing photos and delivering final galleries to clients.

Waterloo Road Baptist Church

Youth Intern / May 2019—August 2019

As the summer Youth Intern, I helped to plan and organize events for Waterloo’s Youth Group. Additionally, I travelled to camps and accompanied the group on trips.

Member of Academic Integrity Council

January 2019 – May 2021

I worked as a peer educator in the "Do You Understand Integrity" class at OU (UNIV 1000). As a peer educator, I attended class for six weeks and met with two students one-on-one.

OU Odyssey Community

January 2019 – September 2020

I wrote an article a week for the OU Odyssey Community.


Here is a link to my articles:

OU Daily

Reporter / September 2018 – October 2018

I started at the OU Daily in the News Academy. I worked as a reporter for the Arts and Entertainment desk. From this experience I learned how to interview and consolidate information based on relevancy.


Here is the link to my articles:

OU BCM Leadership

January 2019—May 2021

I have served in various roles on the BCM leadership team. I’ve primarily served as a small group leader:

  • Freshman Challenge Leader

  • Village Leader

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