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A Deadly Splash

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Lacy Miller stood at the edge of the pool and stared at the dark void of water below. The concrete was cold beneath her bare feet.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins, and her hands shook. The two shots she knocked back earlier took the edge off but not enough to completely mask the nervousness rising within her.

Music with a strong bass blasted through the speakers, but Lacy didn’t pay any attention to it. Her senses worked in overdrive and battled the alcohol for control of consciousness.

Her head was swimming, and her thoughts were a scrambled mess.

She could feel the few remaining people watching her, and she knew there was no other choice.

This was her chance to prove she was more than just a stuck-up, rich girl. There was more to her than her parent’s money.

A warm night breeze caused her red floral sundress to sway against her legs. She inched closer to the water. Her toes hung over the lip of the pool.

“Come on already!” someone shouted from across the pool.

Lacy’s heart hammered. She fought to keep her face expressionless.

Could anyone see that she was shaking? Could they see the fear in her eyes?

She took a deep breath in, not realizing it would be her last.

Her feet left the ledge, and for a split second, she was airborne.

Warm water enveloped her small figure like a blanket, and her muscles relaxed.

Then everything went black.


NOTE: This is the prologue for my novel A Deadly Splash. I wrote this for my Writing the Novel class in Fall 2020. It was written for young adult audiences and is a work of fiction. This work required me to apply all of my knowledge of writing and what I've learned in my PW degree.

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